Hello world! tour! Second stop: Toulouse

We spent our last weekend in the Fablab Toulouse Conference, the first event of this kind in Toulouse, organized by Artilect.

Although most of the interventions dealt mainly with digital fabrication, we introduced the HelloWorld documentaries project. Indeed, open languages such as Processing, OpenFrameworks and Pure data are devices that allow experimenting, sketching, testing and inventing your own creations, exactly the way machines in a fablab do.

These languages are oriented to individuals as the fablabs, and aim to propitiate creativity thanks to their ease of use and openness. As you surely know, various artists and designers are already working on the relationships between digital fabrication and Processing for example. So this presentation was for us a great chance to see how to describe the connections between this digital world of creative coding with the physical production.

This gathering allowed us to listen to other interesting ongoing projects and experimentations. We also noted the special emphasis on a kind of “green concern” with numerous projects as the green fablab exposed by Tomás Diez, the open hardware farm exposed by NaïoTechnologies or the solar printer realized by Markus Kayser, projects that were gathered in the “Bio-FabLab & Green Alternative” part of the program. And this was really interesting to us since we work closely with digital fabrication 🙂