Hello world tour! First stop: Granada

Last weekend, we had the chance to participate in the Campus Party Milenio, a huge meeting that gathered, during 3 days, 600 participants all involved in digital culture from a humanist perspective. People from all around the world were here in Granada and exchanged experiences and built new possible collaborations.

Campus Party Milenio 37

As we were selected among the 15 projects of the “Creativity and social media” section we could present Hello world! to the audience and to the jury who had to select the project that most fit in their objectives. So, after our really short presentation (5 minutes), and after listening some very good projects like Deborah Hustic’s, Maxence Parache’s and others, we waited for the jury’s decision and…, at the end, we won!

We won the price in the section of “creativity and social media”. It has been a big surprise and an excellent news: that will really help us!!!

Spanish version