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Time is running out. Thank you all!

More hands in the air

The end of 2011 has also been the end of the publication time of Hello World! in Indiegogo. Even if we didn’t reach the amount we suggested, we are really happy to have received the help of many people who communicated and spread the word, who offered us collaborations (for translation, for distribution, for interviews), and who contributed economically to the project. We sincerely want to thank all of these persons and suggest them to keep walking with us all the way to the launching of the documentaries.
Moreover, during this microfunding step, we had to bring out the project, to show it and to wait for the reactions and the comments that sometimes came from people close to us, sometimes from people totally unknown. This publication results to be very positive: almost 12 000 persons from all around the world have watched the video; among them, 236 have favorited it. More than 90 blogs and websites, as Fayerwayer and Adafruit, have republished the information. This gives us plenty of hope for the next step of the project and seems to indicate that a lot of people is already waiting for the documentaries.

Spanish version


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