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« Hello_world ! » in Indiegogo – We need you !

We have already done the first set of interviews. We have already published the introductory video of the general project that you can watch in this post. We have already connected with our next interviewed and we are collecting excerpts of creations and works to integrate into the movies. But in order to continue, we need your help. That’s why « hello_world ! » is, from now and for 4 months, in Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform.

“Hello_world!, three documentaries on open programming languages” aims to show the revolution that Processing, Open Frameworks and Pure data have contributed to insufflate into creative and educative environments and the importance of communities in their development.

These documentaries are a way for us to contribute to the diffusion and growth of these creative open languages. That’s why they will be published under a Creative Commons License BY-SA and will be available to all with no restriction in a sharing platform of videos (for instance Vimeo) and in the Web page of the project.

So if you believe that speaking about open and creative programming is important, that creating open contents and spreading free culture is useful, or if you think that communities are the engines of essential social and technological changes, you should maybe contribute to our project.

To contribute, go to Indiegogo.
To obtain more information on the project, you can browse this blog:

Si quieres acceder a la información detallada del objetivo del proyecto y de nuestras necesidades en español, puedes entrar aquí:

Si tu as besoin de l’information détaillée de l’objectif du projet et de nos nécessités en français, tu peux cliquer ici :

Taduzione in italiano:

Traducció al català:

Spanish version


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