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Hello_world !, the three documentaries for open programming will be in Ars Electronica

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The 3rd of September, we’ll be in Ars Eletronica, one of the most important festivals of digital arts, to present the project « hello_world ! , three documentaries for open programming » in the framework of Scenes and structures.
The project, conceived by Ultra-lab, began in June with the collaboration of Raúl Alaejos, one of the two directors of the “Arduino documentary”, and aims to go on with the divulgation of the use of free culture in creative and training environments, focusing on three programming languages:
Processing, OpenFrameworks and Pure data.
After the first round of interviews, the project keeps going on with the premiere of the introductory video of the documentaries in this presentation.

Hello_world ! Presentation, Saturday 3th of Septembre, 8.30 p.m., Ars Electronica Center, Seminar room

Spanish version


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